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The creator of the energy vials.

Kat Miller was first introduced to alternative health care when her daughter had environmental illness (also known as multichemical sensitivity, environmental illness/intolerance, toxin-induced lack of tolerance and probably a few other names) in 2002.   With EI, a person has a very large number of allergies and tends to quickly and easily develop more allergies and sensitivities, even with minimal exposure.  When the medical community was failing to help her daughter clear allergies, Kat went searching elsewhere.  

 In her pursuit of something to help her daughter she discovered Total Body Modification and Natural Healing, and in a matter of minutes, watched her daughter cleared of all her allergies.  

 Kat spent the next few years learning the techniques used in TBM and NH and began working with patients herself.  She began exploring many different alternative healing modalities.  She began reading and researching more and more, learning all she could.

 Kat soon found the Bach flower essences.  She was intrigued because she had found a tool people could use to help themselves.  She began to explore other flower essences as well.  As she began to learn how to use the flower essences she also began to wonder if there was a way to take the energies from the flowers and put them into an energy vial.  She wondered if she could put the energy from all the flowers she was working with into a single energy vial and pull individual flowers out in formulas. 

 Kat also found that often the toughest problems to overcome when working with people is compliance.   Because the flower essences require multiple doses daily and often continuing a formula for several days, weeks or even months, she found that very often before the essences had time to really make a difference, people had quit taking them. 

 As she began to explore and work with the flower energies, she found a way to insert all the flower energies she had been working with into a single energy vial, and invoke the energies individually or in formulas.  She also found that with the flower energies you could invoke them just once a day and have them work with you all day.   The Flower Energy vial she created now contains 167 flower energies, and can be used over and over indefinitely, without renewing or having to buy additional vials, as long as the vial is not broken or opened (even if the water evaporates).

 Having found that she could not get the Rescue Remedy to call out of the Flower Energies vial, Kat made a separate energy vial with the energies from the flowers in the original Bach Rescue Remedy.  Like the Flower Energies vial, the Rescue Remedy vial can be used over and over indefinitely without depleting the energy within the vial, and the energy remains available to you unless the vial is opened or broken (even if the water evaporates). 

 As she continued to explore health alternatives, Kat was intrigued by Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique (at  She learned how to work with the technique, and again decided to try making a shortcut using an energy vial to run the technique.  She saw that even though the EFT worked well, many people tended to not do it because of the time involved in running it.  She inserted the EFT Basic Recipe into an energy vial, leaving a blank space in the vial for a person to say the positive affirmation, then set the vial up to energetically run through the Basic Recipe 25 times every time the vial was invoked. 

 One of her first experiences in using the vial was with a lady who had severe knee pain, and had had it for several years.  Her knees hurt to stand and to walk.  Kat used the vial twice, once addressing the knee pain with walking and the other addressing the knee pain with standing.  After running the vial just these two times, the knee pain completely dissipated and to this point has not returned.  Since then Kat and a number of her patients and friends have been using the Emotional Freedom as a shortcut to the EFT technique with impressive results.

 A few months later, Kat began automating things even further, by putting positive affirmations to be run through the EFT into files and then having the files run through the vial.  The files have been found to really supercharge the vial, and increase its efficiency and effectiveness.  Now, we have over 80 files (some over 50 pages long) with positive affirmations in them that can be quickly and easily run energetically through the EFT.  

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Below is a current list of these techniques that have been fully developed and tested by Kat:

HEV (HealingEnergyVibrations) Emotional Freedom Flower Energies Rescue Remedy
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