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Energy Consultation or
Switchphrase/Energy Circle Recommendations

$ 27.99 (USD) per 20 minute block

Please email Kat at with:

Your full name (from birth)
Date of birth (spell out month)
Place of birth
CONCERNS to be addressed
Same Information on anyone else you wish to include in any Energy Circle we may develop.
(Allows for more precise recommendations.)

Kat deeply researches and pays close attention to details as she works out these Recommendations.

Please note that once an Energy Circle is developed for specific CONCERNS, Kat often adds the Plain Energy Circle to the Subscription Boards at Blue Iris Learning Center after ALL Personal Information has been removed. This helps support other people's quests, and allows Kat to recover some of the costs in extra time involved in creating the Energy Circles.

Often research, development and presentation of a single Energy Circle requires several hours of Kat's time. Rather than charging you for all those hours, Kat chooses to make these Energy Circles more widely available by adding them to the Subscription Boards of the Forum.

To gain access to the Subscription Boards on Blue Iris Learning Center Forum, please subscribe to Blue Iris Learning Center at

Astro Remediation Box

(use for balancing Astrological energies from your Birth Chart)

Requires you to supply the information listed below.
Does not include generating your Birth Chart.

$ 19.99 (USD) per chart

Please email Kat at with:

List Astro Sign for each Planet from Birth Chart, and mark any which were Retrograde with (r):

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:
Place of Birth:



The Astro Remediation Box includes Planetary Frequencies/Blue Iris Numbers and Switchwords and may include additional customization.

Flower Energy Recommendations

$ 5.99 (USD)

Please email Kat at with:

Your full name (from birth)
Date of birth (spell out month)
Place of birth
CONCERNS to be addressed
(Allows for more precise recommendations.)

Kat creates Flower Energy Recommendations with connection to the energy of the request given using reflex muscle testing as a guide.

Flower Energy Recommendations can be utilized by anyone who has a Flower Energies vial. The Flower Energies vial is available at:

If you wish to have Flower Recommendations comprised only of Bach Flowers or North American Flower Essences (rather than the Flower Energies vial), please note that with your request. Note: Flower Essences may require longer and more frequent use than Flower Energies.

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