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Supported by Blue Iris Learning Center
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Blue Iris Learning Center WhatsApp Workshops

Blue Iris Learning Center currently supports two WhatsApp Workshop series available FOR those who wish to LEARN in-depth regarding Switchwords, Defusing Words, Healing Numbers and Frequencies, Energy Circles, etc. These are both supported by Blue Iris Learning Center and overseen by Kat Miller, Founder, Blue Iris Learning Center:

Blue Iris-GOLD
Instructor: Stutii Siingh
Stutii is a Moderator at the Facebook Switchwords groups. She has been in close Contact WITH me FOR more than 7 years, has learned and connected deeply WITH Switchwords, Defusing Words, Healing Numbers and Frequencies, and Energy Circles. She has always asked FOR deeper clarity when something wasn't fully grasped, and has proven herself to BE an excellent instructor in presenting Blue Iris Learning Center Contents.

About our Blue Iris-GOLD Instructor:
Having experienced the power of Switchwords, Stutii has been using Switchwords, Healing Numbers and Frequencies, and Energy Circles FOR 7 years, and actively participates in online Switchwords groups, helping KEEP groups in focus, answering questions and simply being there to HELP wherever HELP is needed.

Blue Iris-GOLD Testimonials

Contact Stutii FOR Blue Iris-GOLD Workshop registration at:
ON Facebook messenger to register FOR Blue Iris-GOLD.


Blue Iris-Wisdom
Instructors: Neera Sareen and Aalok Sood
Neera and Aalok came to Tucson, Arizona, FOR an intense 3-day Workshop to study the Blue Iris Learning Center curriculum. I enjoyed the time we spent TOGETHER and found them earnest in their desire to LEARN the intricate details about the Learning Center's tools, and how to present them and spread them throughout the world. They have been certified as Blue Iris Learning Center instructors.

Blue Iris-Wisdom Workshops OFFER two levels, WITH level 2 including more Blue Iris Learning Center tools, such as extended Switchword, Defusing Word and Energy Circle applications, working WITH Animal Wisdom, Healing Cards and Energy Vials.

About our Blue Iris-Wisdom Instructors:
Neera is a Renowned International Intuitive Master and Switchword Consultant. Neera has been practicing and, through teaching and understanding of Switchwords as a modality, has been healing and transforming innumerable lives.

Aalok is an International Master Trainer and is a combination of a technocrat venturing into the journey of intuitive and energy sciences domain. Aalok has many insights and goes into intricate details in the domain of Switchwords.

Contact Blue Iris-Wisdom Instructors FOR registration at:
+91 98107 96679


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