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December Theme: Appreciation
The last two months we focused on Contemplate and Forgiveness. This month we turn to Appreciation. Appreciation shows gratitude, thankful recognition. Let us look to the waning days of the year with Appreciation for all of our experiences throughout these 12 months. What has this year brought to you? Has your knowledge expanded? Have you overcome challenges? Take time each day throughout this month to notice something for which you have Appreciation, be it something in the current moment or reflections of the past. Focus on it. Expand it. Linger in the space of Appreciation. SHOW it thankful recognition, Appreciation.

Monthly Theme and Support

November 18th is the
Emotional Freedom Vial's 11th Birthday!

In celebration throughout the rest of November get a FREE Double-Vial Pendant Pouch when you order any two Blue Iris Learning Center Standard Energy Vials! This is a $14.99 value for FREE. We are also introducing two NEW Pendant Pouches - Butterfly and HEART. Add a note to your order telling us your preference, Butterfly, HEART or FLOWER Pendant Pouch, and preferred color(s), and we will try to match your request. If you do not include a note, we will CHOOSE the Pendant Pouch for you.

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Energy Vials included in this Special

Blue Iris Wellness (BIW)
BIW is an Energy Vial created with specific intention of helping each Blue Iris Wellness vial owner attain and maintain optimum wellness, helping to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Blue Iris Wellness is designed as an auto-running Energy Vial utilizing multiple techniques to Optimize Harmonization of all Vial Owners and Vial Users with life.

Healing Energy Vibrations (HEV)
HEV vial is an auto-running healing vial. Once activated, whenever it's in your energy field (within an inch or two of your body) it is running. Set it & forget it. The HEV vial automatically scrolls through its healing techniques, activating techniques as needed.

Emotional Freedom (EF)
EF vial SUPERcharges EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help clear physical & emotional issues. Invoking this vial once is like running the entire EFT Basic Recipe 1000 times. This vial is also linked to over 100 files full of affirmations, etc.
See file list at:

Flower Energies (FE)
FE vial contains well over 200 Flower Energies. Invoke individual flowers or formulas repeatedly & indefinitely, without the cost of refilling or buying additional flower essences. Flower Energies help enhance & strengthen positive qualities, & help correct patterns of imbalance. You may recognize positive qualities & patterns of imbalance within yourself.
See Flower Energies support list at:

Whatever energy vial draws the body's attention to a problem by becoming the problem that it finds. The Whatever vial then gives the body a focus and an opportunity to heal the problem. Once the imbalance is cleared, the Whatever vial then continues to seek additional issues that need clearing. Anytime the Whatever vial is in your energy field, it actively seeks physical, emotional or other imbalances that need clearing, & works to restore balance.

Rescue! energy vial is an emergency kit to help heal in acute & emergency situations. Place vial in your energy field to have it work for you. Use this Rescue! energy vial to reduce pain, swelling & inflammation & begin the healing process, for headaches, burns, fractures & sprains, help relieve symptoms of asthma, anxiety & stress.

Energy Circle Viewer

$ 17.99 USD

Energy Circle Creator
Release Version 4 is now available

Program Demonstration

Programs are compatible with Microsoft Windows versions XP and newer. We recommend Windows versions 7, 8, or 10.
Current customers can upgrade to the latest version for free.
Detailed version number: Right-Click Help button and select About. If Your file version is not you can upgrade to the latest version.

$ 59.99 USD

Flower Pendant Pouches

(Vial not included)
$ 14.99 USD

Flower Color

Pouch Color

Pouch Size

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Healing Cards
Vibrational Balancing Images transmit vibrations for balancing the body, helping the body to eliminate pain and disease. Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances are images that represent concentrated prayers for healing of specific body parts and diseases. Vibrational Balancing Images and Sanjeevinis can be used to charge water, sugar pills, food or even oneself.

Healing Energy Vibrations
Energy healing techniques from around the world & beyond

Emotional Freedom
Supercharge EFT with energetic EFT, a quantum leap beyond physical
mental EFT

Flower Energies
For physical emotional healing
Help correct emotional patterns of imbalance & reinforce positive qualities

First aid kit

Additional techniques discussed:

The essence of an experience. Powerful one-word affirmations

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Alleviate physical & emotional distress with acupressure tapping & positive affirmations

Contact Information
Kat Miller
P.O.  Box 1393
Vail AZ 85641 USA

Information and products provided on this site are for the sole purpose of imparting education on energy balancing and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or qualified health care provider.

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Kat is dedicated to helping people learn how to maintain their own health through awareness of our own ability to regenerate. The tools she has developed are wonderful aids to facilitate this goal. I cannot imagine life without the amazing tools Kat has developed to facilitate our ability to regain and maintain health.

Joe Miller

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