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May Theme: QUIET
(The Switchword QUIET means quiet the ego)

DO you really need others to see your perspective? Is it required, or is it ego? Sometimes we gain great advantages by being QUIET and listening to others, letting them complete their thoughts, and perhaps not countering them...just being there to LISTEN and hear, without an opinion or advice.


Manifest the goods, claim the true beauty of your individual nature, enhance confidence and self-esteem, see methods for creating tranquility, stability and order where unruly chaos was.

Peacock is an Animal Wisdom:
Peacock shows us all aspects of beauty. The blending of the five colors of Peacock''s feathers is the sweet harmony of sound. Peacock reminds us to laugh at life. Peacock gives insight into past lives and karmic connection to current life. Peacock connects to medicine magic, resurrection and immortality. Peacock represents incorruptibility. Peacock shows us elegance, confidence, quiet wisdom and dignity.

Use Peacock Wisdom to help in shedding the old and drab feathers of the past and claim the true beauty of your individual nature.
Use Peacock Wisdom to enhance confidence and self-esteem.


Reconnect to your core being, be grounded, produce rare value, open to peace and serenity, stand up and speak for yourself, quiet the ego, feel the world with love, and fill the world with love.

Release old pains, be empowered, quiet the ego, defuse the need to participate in unwanted situations, be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.

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Energy Circle Viewer

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Energy Circle Creator

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Healing Energy Vibrations
Energy healing techniques from around the world & beyond

Emotional Freedom
Supercharge EFT with energetic EFT, a quantum leap beyond physical
mental EFT

Flower Energies
For physical emotional healing
Help correct emotional patterns of imbalance & reinforce positive qualities

First aid kit

Additional techniques discussed:

The essence of an experience. Powerful one-word affirmations

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Alleviate physical & emotional distress with acupressure tapping & positive affirmations

Contact Information
Kat Miller
8110 S. Houghton Rd Ste 158 #151
Tucson AZ 85747 USA

Information and products provided on this site are for the sole purpose of imparting education on energy balancing and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or qualified health care provider.

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Kat is dedicated to helping people learn how to maintain their own health through awareness of our own ability to regenerate. The tools she has developed are wonderful aids to facilitate this goal. I cannot imagine life without the amazing tools Kat has developed to facilitate our ability to regain and maintain health.

Joe Miller

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